20 LED candle lights with batteries which have an 80 - 100hr lifeline

Product Information

Singed curtains, wax marks on tables. We all know it: real candles are classic décor elements but, frankly, far too fussy for the modern world. That’s why we welcome Flameless Candles. Families with adventurous little kids and mischievous pets, or those who are simply forgetful need worry no longer about burning down the house. Instead of a wick, this candle is filled with LED lights that cast an ambient glow but can be turned off at the click of a switch. Simple.

This Tea light set includes 20 LED candle lights with batteries which have an 80 – 100hr lifeline, once a battery has exceeded its lifeline you simply change the battery and they will work again. Each individual Candle is fitted with a flame shaped LED bulb which softly flickers to mimic the effects of a real candle. The candles remain cool during use making them safe to touch and more importantly safe around children. Another advantage of these tea lights is the fact that they can be used anywhere and factors like the wind will not put them out. These tea lights are proving a very popular and reliable alternative to standard candles and are ideal for Weddings, Partys, Restaurants, etc. As with all our products these LED Tea lights meet all UK regulations and we will offer a one year guarantee to any customer whom purchases any item from us.


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