FYRKAT Cone Charcoal Grill


Product Information

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The Fyrkat charcoal grill is the embodiment of stylish barbecuing. Meat, vegetables, fish and bread can be grilled on top of the flames on two levels and serve at the same time thanks to the different distances of both grids to the charcoal. The distinctive Fyrkat Cone Design additionally includes many interesting and useful features.

The lower one is thought for meat and nutrition that resist a lot of heat. The upper one is a bit further away from the flames and therewith ideally suitable for fish and vegetables – also if there is a steak on the lower level at the same time. The hooks at the sides of the grill hold up to three grilling utensils (for example a grilling tong, a bottles opener or towels).

The cone-like corpus of the barbecue consists of enamel coated steel, both grilling grids as well as the base are made out of chromed steel and the feet consist of heat-resistant silicone. Furthermore there is a safety hook to remove the still hot barbecuing surface.

Buy it now from Amazon