Dyson Air Multiplier


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The Dyson Fan functions different than usual fans. It works with the Air Multiplier technology, which absorbs air and which amplifies to the 15-times – without usual rotor blades. Four years of development and all categories of the 650 man strong research- and developing centre of Dyson were demanded, so that this innovative and many times awarded fan could be developed.

Usual fans create an impulsive, irrefularair flow, because they cut the air with their wings. The Air Multiplier Technology amplifies the primary air jet. So a constant, nice air flow – without interceptions is created.

The Dyson Air Multiplier Fan has no fast spinning fan wheel and is because of that very safe. Usual fans have fast rotating wings, which have to be protected by a grid. This also causes, that the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan has no grid or fan wheel, which has to be cleaned. To be cleaned the fan can easily be wiped.

The strength of the air flow of the Air Multiplier Fan can be controlled in levels with a control. The engine without carbon brush is also absolutely energy efficient. The air jet of the Air Multiplier Fan can also be optimally adjusted, because the air ring can easily be tilted and rotated.

And that’s how the Air Multiplier Technology: The air expedited through a thin slit in the air ring of the fan. So a ruing-shaped air jet is build up. This is directed over a chamfer, which is shaped like a airfoil, to canalise the way of the air flow. To that the surrouding air is absorbed and amplifies the 15-times (the creating and entrainment).

For the innovative functionality the Air Multiplier Fan by Dyson was awarded with the iF Design Award in 2010 and the Red Dot Award Best of the Best. The Best of the Best Award is only given to the best products of one category once a year.

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