Artisan Burr Coffee Grinder


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With the Artisan coffee grinder from KitchenAid your own coffee is milled instantly with an intense aroma. The machine appears in a stylish design and it offers the highest function.

The grinder from the Artisan coffee machine is easily accessible and the beautiful all-metal-housing is not only robust, stable and durable, but also easy to clean. The large stainless steel grinder enables an even and outstanding mill-results.

15 different mill-levels guarantee the desired coffee fineness. The low speed of the coffee grinder provides low friction to avoid static charges of the grist. This has as a consequence that the coffee taste stays perfectly preserved.

The Artisan coffee grinder from KitchenAid is also available in other colours.

The burr grinders are made of stainless steel. You can unscrew the grind control dial and look at the burr grinders and they also provide a brush for cleaning them. Because the motor is on the side rather than underneath, there is nowhere for stale ground coffee to lurk, and the beans fall straight onto the grinders and then the ground coffee falls straight into the container directly underneath and there is no need for a shoot. The whole thing seems to be designed to grind coffee well.

You can re-calibrate the grinders if you need to if they wear and set what micron size the grind settings should produce (250-1250 microns). It seems to be well made, out of good quality materials (not cheap plastic and mild steel) and it is quite weighty. Large 5.72 diameter flat cutting burrs provide long life and superb grind consistency.

Burrs can be adjusted to compensate for wear, or calibrated to meet stringent grind-size specifications for espresso and French Press grinds. A special DC motor and gear reduction system slows the rotation of the cutting burrs, minimizing the frictional heating of the grinds and preserving coffee flavour and aroma.


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