Adding leaves to your Apple products


Product Information

Introducing Leaf Ties. Possibly the coolest reimagining of a boring product. It suddenly has made the zap strap ‘want-worthy’. Each pack of Leaf ties contains 12 beautifully designed straps, some with one leaf and some with two.

These not only feel great, but they also do an excellent job at organizing cables and look great while doing it. Packs of Leaf Ties contain 12 stylish ties designed to look good indoors and to withstand being exposed to the elements outdoors, so whatever purpose you want to put them to, they’ll be up to it!

These are, of course, nothing more than 12x standard cable-ties! (one would imagine that the profit margin on these for the manufacturers is fairly “healthy”..) – but, they really do brighten up an ugly aspect of the cable salad we all have to look at.

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